:: SBDX ::

CORAL Digital EPABX switching systems possesses a series of novel attributes which aids in various types of connectivity and is favoured for its cost effectiveness. First of its kind for providing GSM connectivity in EPABX itself. Along with its LCR feature it reduces your recurring expenses.


  • Transferable CLI even on Analog Extension
  • Inbuilt Least Cost Router
  • GSM card in PABX
  • Inbuilt Charger
  • Optional Voice Guidance (7 Levels)
CORAL Small Business Digital Exchange (SBDX) 

Our range of Coral Small Business Digital Exchange (SBDX) is a moveable business switch that is devised with several high grade attributes features that are normally related to large switches.

The product has the following configuration:

  • Basic On Board Configuration: 308 3PandT lines, 8 Analog Extension 
  • Choose any of the following cards to arrive at your requirements:
  • Optional: ISDN BRI/PRI Port
  • TEC Card : 2 Trunk & 6 SLT Extension card
  • LCS 8 Port : 8 SLT Extension Card
  • LCS 4 Port : 4 SLT Extension Card
  • ATC : 8 Port Trunk card
  • DTD : 4 Port Trunk & 2 Digital Extn. Card
  • 2 port Digital Extension Card
  • Mini Voice mail with voice guidance
  • Max Capacity : 37 Ports



:: DX 2000 ::

The Dx2000 we supply is a very ingenious digital system, which can be organized to adapt diverse communication needs of Call Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, and big sized Corporate Organizations. This is a digital ISDN switch incapacitated to handle transmission of Voice, Data, Text and Facsimile. The Dx2000 is completely equipped to adhere to your institution’s growth model.



  • Minimum cost routing
  • Enables computer connectivity
  • Incapacitated to handling PRI
  • Trunk wise and extension wise budgeting
  • Caller line identification
  • CLI based incoming call routing
  • Call forwarding external
  • User wise account control through password



Dx 2000 system is designed on the basis of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), Pulse Coded Modulation (PCM) switching technology. Advanced CMOS chips are made use of used to make sure optimum processor speed and low power consumption. It is a micro controller based process with dispersed processing. Every card in the system has a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) to make sure safety to the cards and also to function as an auto reset table fuse. Each card in the system is offered with an SMPS to convert 28V DC to its own functional and logic voltage. The system has a mixture of active and passive bus to make sure dependable communication between the cards. All the cards are plugged in type to make sure easy maintenance. The Dx 2000 range begins from 40 ports and can expand up to 512 ports.