Iris Lite is built around a powerful 32 Bit ARM processor with fully distributed architecture not allowing faster processing but also optimum utilization of main CPU time. Compact 8 and 12 port, fully featured Line cards are based on DSP (DUSLIC) design to support features like DTMF generation & detection, Caller ID generation (upto Analog Extensions), Polarity Reversal, On Hook Transmission, Echo Cancellation, Message Waiting Lamp & Fax/Modem detection.


Salient Features:

  • Transferable CLI
  • Connect all possible linke ie. Analog Trunk, ISDN PRI/BRI, GSM Cards, IP
  • Inbuilt Charger
  • Polarity Reversal
  • On hook transmission
  • Software based automatic gain control
  • No restriction on PRI connectivity
  • Voice over IP
  • Qsig Networking
  • 64 Party Conference
  • Automatic call distribution & MIS reporting

Unique Features of IRIS LITE


IRIS Lite offers full redundancy of controls in True Hot Standby Mode with Hot Swappable controls. In the event of failure of the Active Set, the changeover to the Standby Set is automatic and transparent, without any disruption of services


Comprehensive QSIG compliance with full feature transparency, based on ECMA, ETSI & ISO Standards, with support over both ISDN (BRI & PRI) and IP.

Audio Conferencing

Up to 128 Party Conference supported, supervised as well as unsupervised (Meet Me, Progressive, Add On) involving any kind of circuit (External as well as Internal). Conference Bridges such as 2x32 Party, 4x 16 Party, 8x8 Party, can be configured.


IN-SKIN VOIP CARD enabling direct connectivity to IP Cloud (H-323/SIP), with the ability to convert analogue signals to packets and routing calls through the IP backbone. Uses standard codec with in-built Echo cancellation


Extends ISDN "U" Bus on a Single pair of copper wire upto a distance of 5 Km from the exchange. All standard ISDN Equipment such as ISDN Phones, Video Conferencing equipment, etc., can be terminated using NT 1.


Extensive inherent ACD capabilities with comprehensive and customizable Management Information System with On-line and Historical report generation. Intelligent routing and landing of calls within various ACD groups can be configured, for Call Centre applications.

IRIS LITE: Module scalable to 200 Ports

Cards Available:

  • 8 Port Extension card
  • 24 Port Extension card
  • IP Trunk Card
  • IP Extension card with IP registration
  • 8 Port GSM Card
  • 8 Port Digital Extension Card
  • 8 Port Analog Trunk Card




IRIS is a compact 32-port DSP (DUSLIC) based line card designed to manage data without restraint as voice traffic. The basic switch enables send out data received over LAN and or ATM. The system is devised on free port architecture with dispersed power supply and processor on each card. These system designs are based on sophisticated chip sets in the telecoms technology, which makes the system a universally suitable switch that can shift the hardware parameters, by software controls. The same appliance thus could be aligned to suit requirements of diverse countries making this a global switch. The powerful platform, which supports 7500 ports, will ultimately support 43000 ports. We offer IRIS in the range of 128 ports to 7500 ports.



  • Consolidated Test and Diagnosis
  • Recordable Music
  • TMF generation and detection
  • Caller ID generation
  • Polarity reversal
  • On hook transmission
  • Echo cancellation
  • Message wait lamp and Fax/modem Detection
  • Software based automatic gain control
  •  True hot stand by
  • Wireless telephony
  • PRI Connectivity
  • Voice Over IP
  • Qsig Networking
  • 64 Party Conference
  • Remote shelves on Optical Fiber
  • Automatic Call Distribution and MIS Reporting
  • ADSL- to carry voice and data in a single pair of copper wire
  • SHDSL– capable of carrying 2.3 Mbps (both upload and download) on a single pair of copper wire
  • VDSL Card– Offers POTS on the same card and carry voice and data on a single pair of copper wire using a 10 Base S modem at the CPE