Adhunik Informatics EPABX


Ozem Series 624, 936, 1048 

  • Call Budgeting
  • Day Night Mode-Auto/Manual
  • 4 Level Voice Guided DISA
  • Operator Console with direct Access to P&T with Dynamic Display
  • Auto Fax Detection
  • ASMDR Printer Port
  • Billing in Rs. & Paisa
  • Monitered DOSA
  • Multiple Boss Secretary System
  • Remote Maintainance
  • Local/STD/ISD Call Control
  • Paging



Hotel Features ................................Operator Console Features
Guest Name Display bon Console Caller Name Identification
Comprehensive Room Billing in Rs/Paisa 32 Character alphanumeric LCD Display
Call Budgeting Rupees Dynamic Display of Extn. /P&T Status
Check In- Checkout Single Key Trunk Access
Room Shifting on Console Hand Free Dialing
Flexible Numbering Plan Console lock out
Room to Room Barring Simultaneous hold of all trunk lines
Room status Display (Occupied/Empty/Clean/Dirty) DSS-Direct Station Selector with 48 LED& Keys.
Wake up alarm with Reminder to operator ..


Special Features
Auto call disconnector Extension groupiing
Delay Hot line Accepted tables
Executive extn.ring Denied Table-95 Lock Extension
Restricted DOSA Setting of duration feature
Incoming call printout Dynamic & Auto Lock Extension
Auto locking duration Personal speed Dialling
Trunk grouping



:: FSK PBX & 104 ::


  • Caller ID - on all fcxin
  • Transferred incoming Call Display
  • Transferred Outgoing Call Display
  • CLI on Simultaneous Ringing
  • STD/ISD Landing
  • Global Memory Dialing
  • ASNDR on Computer / Hyper Terminal
  • Voice Guided DISA (616 onwards)
  • Auto Call Disconnector
  • Multiple Boss-Secretary System
  • Battery Backup
  • KTS / DSS Connectivity*
  • Key Phone live Call View*
  • Flexible Numbering*
  • FSK CIL*
  • Flexible Numbering
  • Personal & Global Memory Dialing
  • 100°/o Tone-Pulse Switchable
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Parallelm Printer Port for ASM BR
  • Room to Room Barring
  • Local/S 1 11/1 Ml CaU Control
  • Battery Backup




:: DX 2000 : 504 ::

FSK 104
  • External Caller ID (DTMF/FSK)
  • Transferred Incoming Call Display
  • Transferred Outgoing Call Display
  • CLI on Simultaneous Ringing
  • Global Memory Dialing



FSK: 308, 316-616, 324-632-1248


  • External Caller ID (DTMF/FSK)
  • Transferred Outgoing Call Display
  • CLI on Simultaneous Ringing
  • STD/ISD Landing
  • Global Memory Dialing
  • Voice Guided DISA*
  • Auto call Disconnector
  • Multiple Boss- Secretary System
  • Battery Backup
  • KTS/DSS Connectivity*
  • Key Phone Live Call View*
  • Flexible Numbering
  • (10-49 or 100-199 in 308,616 and 100-499 in 324 onwards)
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Inbuilt Battery Charger
  • Auto Switching To Battery on power Failure


Systems Specifications
  • Micro controller based stored programme control
  • Space Division Switching
  • Insertion Loss less than 1dB
  • Cross Talk better than 65 dB
  • Extension Loop Resistance-250 (excluding telephone)
  • DYMF dialing as per CCITT Q 23.

System Features

Extn to Extn Call , P & T Access ‘0’Dialling, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Music On Hold, Last No. Redial, Call Pickup, Call Waiting on Trk, Access to Trk Line Waiting, Call Parking, Trk Grouping, Caller ID on all Extn. , Call Forwarding, Do not Disturb, Auto Call Back, Call conference, Complete Call Secracy, Global Memory Dialing,  Barge In, Ring Count, Programmable Incoming Call Landing Option, Programmable Ext. Class of service, Incoming Reserved Line, Distinctive Ringing, Flash Time Programmable, Auto Day/Night Mode, Real Time Clock, Memory Retention During Power Failure, Password Protection.